RouteSmart for Utilities


Telematics and Navigation Fully Integrated with RouteSmart for ArcGIS

RouteSmart and TomTom Telematics enables technicians in the field to precisely execute their optimized routes.

Why RouteSmart and TomTom Telematics

  • Improve route execution with RouteSmart
  • Dispatch quickly to TomTom PRO driver terminals
  • Review planned versus actual routes



Product Features

RouteSmart Integration offers Seamless Dispatching
RouteSmart is fully integrated with WEBFLEET, TomTom Telematics’ (SaaS) fleet management solution. RouteSmart plans the optimal routes for your fleet and dispatches them to TomTom PRO driver terminals with the click of a button, providing drivers with an audible and visual notification.

Improve Safety and Efficiency
Drivers can view their orders on the TomTom PRO driver terminal. Once an order is started, audible and visual driving instructions – including lane guidance, traffic overview and drive time – ensure an informed yet distraction-free experience.

Improve Compliance
RouteSmart overlays the actual path driven with the planned route for visualization of travel path deviations. WEBFLEET provides dispatchers with vehicle location, order status, and ETA updates.