RouteSmart for Utilities

RouteSmart for Itron FCS

Seamless Access to RouteSmart Solvers While Working Within Itron

RouteSmart for Itron is an on-demand, automated routing interface accessed through the Itron Field Collection System (FCS) interface. Co-developed by RouteSmart Technologies and Itron, RouteSmart for Itron supports users with managing daily adjustments within district and within cycle to established reading routes.

From the convenience of the Itron FCS interface, RouteSmart for Itron supports four primary routing use cases that are commonly found in a meter operations department. These include:

  • Consolidate: Combine skips or misses from a prior day’s work into optimized routes and sequences for easy downloading to a reading device for field execution. Optimize many small walking routes into a large driving route.
  • Insert: Place new meters (zero sequence) into the best location in the route prior to download, while leaving the original route sequence intact.
  • Divide: Split an absent employee’s route, or a large, cumbersome route into two or more smaller routes.
  • Optimize: Improve the sequence of a route.

Unique features and functionality of RouteSmart for Itron include:

  • New meters (zero sequences) can be inserted in the appropriate sequence within an existing route, or you can perform a full resequence on a route.
  • Changes can be flagged as temporary or permanent if you want to return the updated route and sequence information to your customer information system.
  • Routes can be balanced by number of hours or by number of routes.
  • Routes can be optimized for walking or drive-by.

For more details regarding RouteSmart for Itron, RouteSmart for Itron FAQ 2011.