RouteSmart for Utilities

Work Orders, Surveys & Inspections

Utility Routing Tools that Account for New Challenges Every Day

Utilities are responsible for conducting a variety of surveys and inspections within their service territory. RouteSmart can be used to automatically perform daily workload planning and geographic territory assignments for:

  • Leak Surveys
  • Cathodic Gas Inspections
  • Hydrant, Valve and Pump PM’s
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Audits

RouteSmart daily route optimization can be integrated with inspection compliance software to relieve these cumbersome processes. RouteSmart’s unique high-density address balancing and sequencing solvers are able to tackle the largest workload planning problems faced by a utility. RouteSmart’s advanced utility routing tools allow you to consider several different factors for workload and time balancing such as daily goals for number of services to perform, and the best way to walk or drive the routes to help ensure that regulatory inspection and survey requirements are fulfilled effectively.