RouteSmart for Utilities

Implementing your automated meter reading system requires significant resources. The ERTs, mobile collectors, and meter reading software allow you to acquire monthly reads much more rapidly than traditional walk-to and drive-to meter routes.

Now you can gain the most from your AMR technology investment by using RouteSmart to:

  • Increase daily reads by 10x or more over legacy routes
  • Combine and optimize cycle days for mobile AMR routes
  • Reduce time and mileage by 50% or more by leveraging your ERT read-range knowledge
  • Make the new routes easy to execute in the field with the latest TomTom navigation technology


RouteSmart Makes Your Monthly Meter Reading Workload More Efficient

Balancing and consolidating cycle days based on the new AMR route parameters: Building geographically compact cycle days coupled with the increase in daily read rates offers many utility companies the opportunity to reduce reading days per month from 21 to as few as 5.

Optimizing the AMR travel path: RouteSmart’s advanced AMR solvers minimize your travel times and distances by taking into account varying read ranges of ERTs and creating a driving travel path that will decrease travel distances, allowing you to significantly increase your daily read rate.

RouteSmart Helps Break Down the Barriers of Your Old Routes

AMR routes have typically been created within legacy cycle days by combining outdated walking routes — an inefficient method that prevented leveraging the AMR technology investment to its full extent. Meter readers learned ways to make them more efficient over months of repeated experience. However, as meter readers were reassigned, that knowledge was lost.

RouteSmart’s solution creates read range-derived, optimized routes that take into account the strength and range of each ERT. Each meter can be assigned a range to account for low and high power ERTs, variances in landscape and geography, and other factors.

The solution details the minimum travel path that must be driven in order to capture all reads and is ready to be sent to the in-vehicle navigation system.

Now, mobile AMR meter readers are able to precisely execute their optimized routes month after month without extensive geographic knowledge.

Real-World Results

By balancing and optimizing your daily routes based on read ranges, you can increase total daily reads by 10 to 20 times over traditional walk-to and drive-to routes. In addition, you can decrease total miles traveled and time to service by 50% or more by driving fewer streets.

Follow the Right Path with TomTom Telematics

Following the RouteSmart-optimized AMR travel path is very important in order to maximize your investment. RouteSmart’s AMR solution is integrated with TomTom Telematics’ connected navigation solution, enabling meter readers to precisely execute and track their optimized route in the field, without requiring extensive geographic knowledge or experience.