RouteSmart for Utilities

Reduce Mileage and Overtime Through Route Planning and Workload Balancing

Utility services are vital to every community and RouteSmart provides route optimization solutions for some of the largest public- and investor-owned utilities across North America. In the past 10 years, these utility industry leaders have trusted RouteSmart to help optimize and improve service to more than 50-million meters, including residential and commercial meters for electric, naturals gas, and water utility services.

RouteSmart Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of route planning tools in a contemporary GIS environment that allow you to visualize and improve every detail of your routes. Use RouteSmart to optimize walking and driving handheld meter reading routes, as well as mobile AMR route development, to create routes that minimize costs.

Let RouteSmart help you improve your routing operations in these key areas that will help you to provide better customer service and satisfaction:

  • Cycle Day Balancing
  • Meter Route Analysis and Redesign
  • Read Order Sequencing for Walking and Driving Service
  • Mobile AMR Read Range-Derived Route Optimization
  • Daily Work Orders, Surveys, and Inspections
  • Outage management

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