RouteSmart for Public Works

RouteSmart Navigator

The Only Voice and Visual Tool Fully Integrated with RouteSmart for ArcGIS

RouteSmart Navigator™ is the only in-vehicle navigation system powerful enough for full high-density routing solutions. RouteSmart Navigator is ideal for:

  • Residential collection of waste and recycling
  • Commercial waste collection
  • Snow plowing and winter maintenance
  • Street sweeping

Product Features

RouteSmart Integration
RouteSmart Navigator is fully integrated with RouteSmart for ArcGIS. Send RouteSmart-optimized route sequences to each driver and display the same service location, facility, and street data used to create your solution.

Greatly reduce the printing of turn-by-turn reports and detailed route maps. Drivers will be able to navigate the routes based on the full RouteSmart travel path. Use your preferred RouteSmart street network attributes – turn preferences (right turns, no U-turns) to navigate through the route.

Routing Setup
RouteSmart Navigator can be personalized to your specific needs:

  • Enter service terminology for your industry. Navigator can be set to announce servicing containers for waste collection, or start and stop plowing or salting on a snowplow.
  • Create in-route issue reporting to indicate changes to streets or service locations. Report issues like closed streets, missing containers or damaged carts.
  • Provide unique parameters for different types of vehicles and services.

RouteSmart Navigator Hardware
RouteSmart Navigator is driven by the Nexcom VMC 1100 rugged, touch-screen Windows system with GPS and integrated cellular communication. The system can be installed in a vehicle quickly and securely.

RouteSmart Navigator will guide drivers through the RouteSmart-optimized route using advanced video and audio cues designed to meet the needs of high-density route solutions. The routes are based on the street data from RouteSmart.

Help improve adherence to safety requirements like same-side service, U-turn restrictions, and preferred right-turns throughout the routes.

If detours are required en route, the driver will be routed back to the next service based on the preferred network attributes. RouteSmart Navigator can be used with intermediate facilities to provide route guidance to and from landfills during the route.

Fusion for RouteSmart Navigator
Fusion from Integrated Skills is the fully integrated web solution designed for RouteSmart Navigator. Manage the routes you send to your vehicles. View your trucks in the field. See detailed progress for your routes and export reports and route data.


RouteSmart Navigator users can send updates to devices in vehicles via the integrated cellular service. RouteSmart provides clients with standard AT&T service with a maintenance contract, but users may also bring their own service through their preferred wireless carrier and external cellular devices.

Train your drivers with RouteSmart Navigator before setting foot in the vehicles. RouteSmart-optimized travel paths should be followed to maximize your investment in the technology. Use Navigator’s simulation function in your offices to show the drivers how the routes should be run. Play, pause, and review while going step-by-step through the travel path. When the drivers are ready to run the routes, use RouteSmart Navigator to help guide them through every turn.

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Functionality and features are subject to change.

Always take safety precautions when using a navigation device in a vehicle.