RouteSmart for Public Works

RouteSmart Roll-Off Route Optimization for the Public Works industry was developed to improve the way you optimize and schedule your dynamic roll-off service.

RouteSmart helps balance routes and optimize each customer visit based on the type of service required. RouteSmart Roll-Off Route Optimization builds balanced routes and the best schedule with the goal of maximizing productivity on each trip to a customer, and overall productivity of your fleet.

Minimize empty rail time and become more competitive.

RouteSmart Roll-Off Capabilities

Routing Considerations

  • Balance routes and create equal workloads for your entire fleet
  • Schedule stops to optimize each type of service:
    – Deliver
    – Pick up
    – Empty and return
    – Swap
    – Relocate
  • Consider time windows to improve customer service

Functional Components

  • Work in a familiar environment with the intuitive ArcGIS map display
  • Perform detailed manual editing based on your local knowledge
  • Model and display multiple scenarios to choose the best deployment option
  • View improved route efficiency with specialized reports exclusive to the RouteSmart system
  • Export routes to navigation, telematics, CRM, and other systems

International clients looking for hook-lift scheduling and optimization need to look no further! RouteSmart Roll-Off Route Optimization is a global solution.

Roll-Off Daily Activity Report Exculsive to RouteSmart for ArcGIS

Roll-Off Daily Activity Report Exculsive to RouteSmart for ArcGIS