RouteSmart for Public Works

RouteSmart’s Multi-Day Routing feature was developed to solve workload balancing challenges in commercial hauling. The multi-day tools consider workload across the fleet on both a weekly and daily basis to improve total route time, crew hours, vehicle wear, mileage, and overall efficiency.

Feature Capabilities

Routing Considerations

  • Balances lifts, weight, volume or time across your available fleet and workforce to create geographically compact truck territories
  • Shifts the day pattern of a given customer to another pattern in order to increase workload balance by day across a 7-day cycle
  • Considers once-a-month and every-other-week frequencies
  • Allows you to preserve preferred service patterns already established and/or change current patterns to more favorable ones
  • Prohibits day changes for specified customers, such as those with contractual day agreements
  • Respects established pickup frequencies, such as customers receiving service two or three times per week

Functional Components

  • Intuitive map display, including container frequency and service frequency pattern symbology
  • Automated and manual day change capabilities
  • Model, store, and compare deployment scenarios
  • Analyze your day changes and balance using RouteSmart-developed reports and graphs
  • Seamlessly integrate chosen routing solutions to RouteSmart Navigator, RouteSmart’s onboard voice and visual navigation device