RouteSmart for Public Works

Street Sweeping & Snow Plow

Designed To Account For A Wide Range Of Unique Challenges

Keeping streets clear of snow during the winter and free of litter year round is not only a demanding vehicle route planning task – it is a safety issue, an environmental concern, and your constituency demands the best possible service!

These street service routing challenges require you to travel most every street, and vehicle routing software from RouteSmart Technologies lets you stay on top of these time-critical services.

RouteSmart for ArcGIS provides you with street service route optimization tools that will model the detailed intricacies of how to not only drive every street – but do so in the minimum time with the fewest assets. RouteSmart software handles the complexity of this type of problem by considering sweeping intake and de-icing spread rates, preferences for right turns and U-turn restrictions.

Snow emergencies require prioritization, and RouteSmart helps you plan your attack:

  • Prioritize major roads and snow emergency routes
  • Create scenarios for varying snowfall rates
  • Build efficient routes to plow every lane

Street-sweeping has requirements like no other industry, and RouteSmart for ArcGIS can help you:

  • Restrict routes changes based on street signage
  • Model odd-even street side service
  • Develop accurate route times for sweeping service speeds

What software tools are you using to plan your snow removal or street sweeping routes? If the answer isn’t “RouteSmart” then you’d better hit the road! Check out this video to get a better idea for what you might be missing in your arsenal to manage and optimize street service route planning.