RouteSmart for Public Works

Inspection & Work Order Routing

Make The Most Of Your Time With Efficient, Easy-to-Follow Routes

Planning inspection routes and other field service activities can be a demanding task, and your citizens expect a higher level of service. Managing the workload volume, prioritizing assignments, and finding the qualified personnel to fill all of your work orders make this one of the toughest routing and scheduling tasks of all. And your CRM is not built to handle this multi-layered problem.

RouteSmart Technologies has successfully implemented daily inspection and work order routing solutions for large and small communities and organizations. RouteSmart solutions help public works and other municipal agencies route housing and environmental inspectors, and plan bulky collection routes.

Let RouteSmart help you create an automated routing solution that will save time, reduce costs, improve customer service, eliminate manual routing tasks, and achieve higher levels of satisfaction for your inspection and work order routes.