Routing as a Service (RaaS)

Enterprise Web Services for Route Optimization

By 2018, more than 50% of deliveries are expected to shift from retail locations to residential due to the surge of e-commerce, making the job of creating efficient routes a greater challenge every day. Route territory planning, workload balancing, and daily delivery sequencing must be as accurate and efficient as possible as residential deliveries skyrocket and routes change more dynamically than ever. Reducing travel distances—even by a small percentage—from every route, every day, can save millions of dollars and give you the edge on your competition.

RouteSmart Routing as a Service™ (RaaS) web service creates better solutions, building geographically compact, logical, and balanced workloads. RouteSmart RaaS™ web service models the unique daily constraints of delivery routing and reflects the way drivers deliver their routes. Other systems are not designed to build geographically compact and efficient routes—they create unbalanced routes that put multiple crews on the same street—leading to inefficiency, frustrated drivers, and wasted time.

How can RaaS make your routes more efficient, save you thousands of miles, and reduce costs?

Take a look at how one parcel delivery company did it:


RouteSmart RaaS web service allows you to deploy route optimization technology in a hosted environment. You pay only for the service you use.

RouteSmart RaaS web service also complements other key technologies to compound your cost savings. You can view RouteSmart RaaS delivery order sequences from your handheld scanner systems to help you load faster and get out the door earlier. Combine RouteSmart RaaS web service with your navigation devices and you can plan the entire route for hundreds or thousands of stops — something navigation systems won’t do alone.

RaaS provides you with the power to:

  • Decrease total route times and distance
  • Solve complex routing and dispatching problems in seconds
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time deliveries
  • Meet critical delivery times and lower redelivery costs
  • Help your drivers get on the road and deliver more
  • Save time and money with hosted deployment

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