Letter Carrier Round Planning

Trusted By The USPS, Itella, Australia Post, And Posts Large And Small Around The Globe

As if trying to manage the complexity of managing efficient letter carrier rounds isn’t enough, you’re now faced with the fact that despite the decline in mail volumes, the number of addresses you must serve is increasing! Today more than ever, the ability to adjust working schedules to activity needs is paramount to controlling costs and maintaining competitiveness in the world of posts. With nearly half the costs of delivery wrapped into “last-mile” activities, you need tools that enable you to get more out of your routes!

Trusted and relied upon by posts large and small over the past four decades, route optimization software from RouteSmart Technologies provides posts with a powerful suite of delivery round optimization modeling and planning tools. RouteSmart for ArcGIS is proven to tackle the most complex letter carrier routing operational constraints and is continually being engineered with the needs of our postal clients in mind.