RouteSmart for Newspaper Distribution

Route Management Software that Tackles Daily Challenges with Economical Efficiency

RouteSmart Online is an effective, affordable way for newspapers of all sizes to automate their daily routing process and address the everyday challenges of both home delivery and single copy. With economical RouteSmart Online route management software, handwritten and out-of-date route sheets will be a thing of the past. Powerful yet easy to use, RouteSmart Online also helps clients say “goodbye” to:

  • Literally driving routes and talking into a tape recorder in order to create turn-by-turn directions
  • Estimating mileage statistics for carrier comp and fuel subsidy models
  • Wrestling with down routes due to absent carriers or late third party pubs

As a hosted, managed service routing tool, RouteSmart Online offers immediate results and a number of unique features and benefits to help make better routing decisions, including:

  • Nightly updates based on the uploaded circulation system file
  • No required hardware acquisition or hardware maintenance, making implementation fast and easy for IT staff
  • No large up-front fees for licensing
  • Automatic delivery order sequencing of each carrier route
  • Available carrier access to utilize any of the features of the system, including the ability to edit the sequence of their routes, download up-to-date route books, reports and daily routing sheets
  • A dedicated URL and secure log-in information to access reports, sequencing, and the down route management portal from any device with internet access
  • The flexibility to combine, split, re-sequence, or recreate routes on-the-fly
  • In-depth analysis and insightful, robust reporting

Built with the latest technology, this affordable route management software solution integrates files from existing circulation systems. Street data is updated quarterly and based on updates from NAVTEQ, the leader supplier of digital mapping data. RouteSmart Online route management also utilizes:

  • Bing Maps® display on all map screens and Route Viewer to visually inspect route structures, see critical data from circulation systems at a glance, and maximize route efficiency
  • The ability to receive all delivery lists on any Android device (no printing of route lists required)
  • The powerful and secure Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing environment

…All with quarterly invoicing based on circulation size, starting at just $675/month. A small price to pay for route management software with the ability to increase the number of deliveries per hour/mile, improve circulation (and advertising rates), reduce carrier turnover, and decrease the pressure on the depot manager.

Fast. Economical. Powerful. RouteSmart Online route management delivers.