RouteSmart for Newspaper Distribution


Deliver Total Market Coverage For Both Subscribers
and Advertisers

Sometimes you have to deliver more than the news. You may be called on to deliver to every address in a defined area with anything from a complimentary issue or special advertising supplement to free samples. Faced with trying to plan TMC distribution routing manually, most newspapers will end up with not only chaos but also cost inefficiencies that translate into lost profits for the TMC initiative.

RouteSmart for ArcGIS provides a comprehensive set of tools in a powerful route optimization software suite to balance TMC workloads into routes that can be efficiently and effectively delivered. TMC delivery routes can be preplanned and modeled in advance to help you evaluate the task before dispatching the workload. As a GIS-based route optimization tool, RouteSmart for ArcGIS extends analysis beyond traditional route planning software to include demographic analysis of data as well as supporting other spatial processing tasks.

Route optimization software from RouteSmart Technologies helps plan and manage TMC distribution operations efficiently and effectively before they are dispatched.