RouteSmart for Newspaper Distribution


Create More Efficient Delivery Routes To Boost Your Bottom Line

With thousands of stores and newsstands to deliver to each night and dozens of drivers to dispatch, you need a powerful software tool to stay on top of the task at hand. Route optimization software from RouteSmart Technologies enables single copy distribution operations with a powerful suite of capabilities for keeping routes balanced, time and route miles minimized, and costs under control.

RouteSmart for ArcGIS from RouteSmart Technologies provides single copy operations management with a powerful software suite for optimizing the distribution workload. The automatic route balancing and sequencing solvers within RouteSmart for ArcGIS enable you to plan single copy distribution routes based on variables such as total draw or deliveries per route, stop opening and closing times, vehicle capacities, and more. You’ll minimize total miles driven on each route and maximize flexibility to respond to your business needs as well as those of your customers.

Route optimization software from RouteSmart Technologies helps keep single copy distribution costs low and customer service high.