RouteSmart for Newspaper Distribution


Streamline The Home Delivery Routing Process

Every day, your advertisers and subscribers rely on you to get the newspaper to the door and into the hands of your readers. With hundreds of carriers on the street each night delivering to tens of thousands of subscribers, efficient planning and management of home delivery operations is vital to your ability to provide excellent service and control costs while doing so.

Route optimization software solutions from RouteSmart Technologies put you in control of home delivery route operations. RouteSmart for ArcGIS provides your operations with a powerful suite of tools for realigning carrier routes and driving costs out of your home delivery operation.

For daily routing and staying on top of changes to routes, RouteSmart Online provides a hosted managed service for automating the daily tasks associated with dispatching carriers with accurate delivery lists and equipping distribution managers with tools for responding to issues such as late truck arrivals and other down-routes due to absent carriers.

Home delivery route optimization software solutions from RouteSmart provide your newspaper with the edge it needs to keep operating costs low and customer service high.