Routing University

Success, Optimized: Get More Knowledge To Fuel Your Success With Routing University

The success of a RouteSmart software solution relies on the people using it – and RouteSmart is committed to ensuring that success. RouteSmart’s Routing University learning options help users unlock the potential of their solution and get more out of their routes. Our courses provide comprehensive instruction ranging from RouteSmart basics to focused training on specific features and functions.

Five Distinct Ways to Learn: Choose What Works for Your Needs – and Budget

    1. Seminars / Classroom Learning
      Conducted on-site at RouteSmart’s Columbia, MD headquarters and focused on refreshing, enhancing or maintaining RouteSmart skills, RouteSmart seminars and classroom training offer a convenient option for onboarding new or backup users. View Course Offerings >
    2. Webinars
      Highly targeted, specific, and self-paced, RouteSmart’s webinars offer modular training focused on specific tasks or concepts to maximize learning efficiency, and are offered at no cost:

      • RouteSmart for ArcGIS Skill-Builder Webinars are 20- to 40-minute sessions targeted to particular components within RouteSmart — a great way to master a new or unexplored tool or feature. 

      Next Webinar: Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 11am and 2pm EDT
      Mastering the Update Table

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      • Introductory Tour of the New RouteSmart Online User Experience: Join us for a webinar demonstrating the new RouteSmart Online.

      Next Webinar: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 11am

      Register for 11am EDT

      • RouteSmart HERE Map Creator Webinars: A monthly webinar discussing how to edit and improve your RouteSmart Online maps using the HERE Map Creator tool.

      Next Webinar: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 2pm

      Register for 11am EDT

    3. On-Site Training at Your Location
      RouteSmart instructors are also willing and able to come to your location for both basic and advanced software solution training. The basic training option will walk staff through the system, as well as how to use it. Advanced training is designed to help users learn best practices and tips to tweak their solution – and squeeze every bit of efficiency out of it. To schedule on-site training at your location, please email us at
    4. Custom Training
      If your organization needs custom-designed training, our team of instructional experts will create a program to meet your specific requirements. To to sign up for custom training, please email us at
    5. RouteSmart University Coming to You!
      At RouteSmart, we understand that travel can be difficult so we’re working on a new program called “Routing U Comes to You. We’ll be conducting training and Workspace Workshops around the country during the year.  Some of our proposed sites include California, Colorado, Georgia, and Texas. This program is slated to launch in Spring 2017 so stay tuned for details! For more information, please email us at

RouteSmart understands that every organization works – and learns – differently. For more information on any of RouteSmart’s training options, please email us at