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Public Works Case Study

City Of Franklin, Tennessee

Relying on a multitude of manual tools such as paper maps, GPS, spreadsheets, pens, and driver knowledge to service approximately 38,000 households’ trash collection wasn’t proficient or cost effective for the City of Franklin, Tennessee. However, once they implemented RouteSmart and RouteSmart Navigator, they saw an increase in route optimization and a 37% reduction in annual operating costs of $1,083,812 that were directly attributed to the decrease in miles driven, truck usage, and labor costs.


Franklin is Tennessee’s seventh largest city with a population of 83,454. The city’s steady growth each year has impacted all departments, but particularly public works as they struggled to keep up with demand and rising expenses. This emphasized the imminent need for the city to create an efficient waste collection route plan with RouteSmart.

Once the City of Franklin implemented RouteSmart for their solid waste collection route planning, it was able to swiftly optimize route plans that balanced the workload for residential collection. After consolidating residential routes from a five-day to a four-day work week, RouteSmart also optimized the commercial front-load and streets department routes. The city was able to quickly reduce the street sweep cycle from seven to three weeks, reduce complaints, and ensure more consistent service.

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One of the most significant ongoing benefits from our partnership with RouteSmart is being able to optimize our routes,” said Bryan Brown, Routing and Operations Analyst at the City of Franklin. “In addition, RouteSmart Navigator has helped tremendously with communications between drivers and our customer service team.”

By moving from manual tools to RouteSmart, The City of Franklin quickly improved its waste collection and street sweeping efficiency and reduced operating costs over a million dollars annually while improving customer service – all as the city continued to grow.

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