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Take charge of daily distribution interruptions with new RouteSmart Online dispatch feature

January 24, 2022

Down routes got you…down?

To reduce daily distribution interruptions—such as carrier absenteeism or the replanning of routes after they’ve been dispatched—we teamed up with our partners at CarrierTrack Technologies to provide a powerful solution within RouteSmart Online.

The Dispatch History feature, available to CarrierTrack subscribers in RouteSmart Online standard and advanced edition, helps distribution managers react to and track daily changes to a route plan. It allows them to quickly send route revisions and updates created through the same-day—splitting, combining, resequencing, and/or recreating of existing routes—to CarrierTrack 5.0.

The new feature also provides the most up-to-date route status information to distribution managers and carriers so they can monitor delivery in real time.

“This may be the holy grail of route planning and management for newspaper home delivery operations,” said Jason Fry, Senior Business Development Manager at RouteSmart. “This new feature is another way RouteSmart supports clients who are challenged daily to get the paper delivered in a consistent and reliable fashion. Field testing of Dispatch History with RouteSmart Online clients confirms its value, and it is included at no additional subscription cost.”

In addition to viewing your dispatch activity in RouteSmart Online, clients can also display dispatch jobs on a map, view and download reports, manage dispatches, and send new routes to CarrierTrack in real time for delivery.

We are excited about this feature and hope RouteSmart Online and CarrierTrack users will take advantage of it!

Chris Walz, Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Chris influences all aspects of the business, from sales and marketing strategy, client experience, and product positioning and development. He also collaborates with our functional area experts on organizational strategy and vision, and performs competitive analysis to keep abreast of both technological and industry developments.