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RouteSmart offers free access to routing solver to clients affected by Hurricane Ian

September 30, 2022

As we see the historic impact of Hurricane Ian on Florida’s Gulf Coast, it’s a good reminder that we offer complimentary, 90-day routing help to clients affected by natural disasters and other fluctuations in delivery or service volume.

Routes2theRescue, in partnership with HERE Technologies, is designed to assist our clients by providing up to 90 days of access to our Routing as a Service (RaaS) solution to help organizations manage changes brought on by disruptions or new business.

RaaS provides access to our powerful algorithms via web services and enables users to solve the toughest vehicle and personnel routing challenges. RaaS is designed to be implemented and integrated quickly into existing business systems or can be used via the RaaS Portal.

For our clients, RaaS can be used to optimize delivery lists with driving instructions for drivers, help newspaper clients manage the impact of subscriber churn or assist waste collection operators with building dynamic routes for managing bulky pick-ups and container deliveries.

Many of our clients have already taken advantage of Routes2theRescue to ease the burden of major changes to operations. For instance, local delivery companies have used the service to manage spikes in daily delivery volumes, as well as the significant changes occurring dynamically each day.

For more information on Routes2theRescue or to get started with RaaS, contact RouteSmart Vice President Chris Walz at

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Chris Walz, Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Chris influences all aspects of the business, from sales and marketing strategy, client experience, and product positioning and development. He also collaborates with our functional area experts on organizational strategy and vision, and performs competitive analysis to keep abreast of both technological and industry developments.