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Routing and Scheduling Wins: Nothing Speaks Louder Than Success

Results are what RouteSmart is all about. Even with the latest technology, the most experienced people, and the industry’s leading routing and scheduling software solution, nothing speaks louder or clearer than a satisfied client.

Below are stories of real clients, and real successes, representing every type of client we serve – from waste and recycling to newspaper and telephone directory delivery, utilities and package/parcel companies, worldwide. These videos, case studies and more exemplify challenges met, goals achieved, and money saved with our software.

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    Gateshead Council, UK

    Gateshead Council had to look at ways to make their Waste Management Services more efficient. The council introduced route optimization, and as a result, has experienced significant savings in time, money and resources. View more >

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    North East UK

    RouteSmart helped the North East UK optimize the efficiency of its waste collection routes and realize significant cost savings. View more >

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    The City of Richardson, Texas

    The City of Richardson, Texas used RouteSmart to create more efficient routes for their Brush and Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) program and saved significant investments in man-hours and vehicle costs. View more >

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    Netherlands-based GeoCo is utilizing RouteSmart to provide optimized gritting and waste/recycling routes for municipalities. View more >

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    Woodbridge Township, NJ

    The Woodbridge Township Public Works Department optimized their routes with RouteSmart when automating their entire truck fleet and now saves almost $4 million annually. View more >

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    Western Disposal

    For nearly two decades, Western Disposal has used RouteSmart to successfully automate and optimize its waste collection routes and help conquer routing challenges posed by special projects like business acquisitions and new product rollouts. View more >

  • Recology, Inc.

    San Francisco-based Recology, Inc. used RouteSmart to overhaul its routing system. View more >

  • City of Lakeland, FL

    The City of Lakeland, FL transformed its solid waste fleet from rear loading vehicles to automated side loaders with EZCans, and used RouteSmart to revamp their routes and gain efficiencies. View more >

  • Town of Gilbert, AZ

    Public Works client takes advantage of RouteSmart to correct past mistakes, and grow more efficiently. View more >

  • City of Durham

    The City of Durham Solid Waste Department uses RouteSmart to balance people, performance, and processes – and transform challenges into successes. View more >

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    Renfrewshire's service re-routing for improved recycling project, driven by RouteSmart and the Council, was a crucial part of the successful sustainable waste management solution implemented by this local government council in Scotland. View more >

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    Daventry District Council

    Utilizing RouteSmart Technologies, a United Kingdom business and residential district generated efficiency savings of over
    £100 000 per year. View more >

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    The D.C. Department of Public Works cut their 15-year-old street sweeping routes nearly in half by using RouteSmart to revamp their routing process, increase service and improve environmental impact. View more >