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Routing and Scheduling Wins: Nothing Speaks Louder Than Success

Results are what RouteSmart is all about. Even with the latest technology, the most experienced people, and the industry’s leading routing and scheduling software solution, nothing speaks louder or clearer than a satisfied client.

Below are stories of real clients, and real successes, representing every type of client we serve – from waste and recycling to newspaper and telephone directory delivery, utilities and package/parcel companies, worldwide. These videos, case studies and more exemplify challenges met, goals achieved, and money saved with our software.

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    Smith Brothers Farms

    Smith Brothers Farms recognized the need for a better route optimization and planning system that would accurately model 200+ weekly routes. View more >

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    Croatian Post

    Croatian Post wanted to stabilize its core business by streamlining transportation and reducing delivery and distribution costs. View more >

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    Posti Group

    Posti Group integrated RouteSmart into their operations processes, improved geographic data, and learned to better handle variations in daily volume. View more >

  • The Swiss Post

    The Swiss Post optimized over 2,300 mail routes and saved over 2.5 million Swiss francs (CHF). View more >

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    Whistl (formerly TNT Post) Utilized RouteSmart for ArcGIS to optimize almost 4,000 routes for two million UK households in just two years. View more >

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    Isle of Man

    Rerouting postal rounds with RouteSmart delivers increased productivity and savings on the Isle of Man. View more >