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RouteSmart for ArcGIS 2016.1

RouteSmart has announced the release of RouteSmart for ArcGIS 2016.1. This release is now available to new users and those on current maintenance. There are several new features and enhancements in this version.

Roll-Off Route Optimization

The new roll-off features in RouteSmart for ArcGIS address the need in the commercial public works industry to route daily roll-off tasks. RouteSmart helps balance routes and optimize each customer visit based on the type of service required. The RouteSmart roll-off tools use service types (Delivery, Swap, Empty and Return, and so on), product codes, material codes, and other data in your service location and facility layers to create routes that minimize traveling with empty rails and minimize mixing Swap service and Empty and Return service on the same routes.

The roll-off solvers are the first from RouteSmart to use RaaS (Routing as a Service), the hosted routing service powered by RouteSmart .


Route Numbering Improvements

A new setting has been added to the System Settings Display tab. The Route Numbering setting allows you to choose the direction in which your routes are numbered on the map. You can choose to number Southwest to Northeast (default), Northwest to Southeast, Northeast to Southwest, or Southeast to Northwest.

Workspace Manager

The Workspace Manager now displays a Last Opened Date column. This new field allows you to see which workspaces were used recently and which were not. You click the column header to sort the workspaces list by this date.

Add/Edit Feature

Zone Type is now available as a field in the Route tab on the Add/Edit Feature tool. The new Zone Type dropdown box allows you to indicate the zone type (see the RouteSmart for ArcGIS help for more information on zone types) of the service location you are adding or editing.

RouteSmart Route Maps

A new setting has been added to the RouteSmart Route Maps tool. The Display walking loop setting is available in mixed-mode workspaces and gives you the option to show your walking loops on your detail maps.