About Routesmart

The Woodbridge Township Public Works Department optimized their routes with RouteSmart when automating their entire truck fleet and now saves almost $4 million annually.

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the challenge

In 2007, Mayor John McCormac contacted Woodbridge Township’s Department of Public Works because his administration felt they could gain a number of efficiencies in the Sanitation Department. At the time, the division was spending about $10 million for operations. Privatization was knocking on the door and the department knew they had to become competitive with what it would cost to privatize.

the solution

The department's Programmer Analyst recommended RouteSmart to help consolidate and optimize their routes. By using automated trucks and changing service from twice per week to once per week, they were able to completely change the way they did garbage and recycling collection and eliminate the problems they were experiencing with trucks overlapping territories on different days. They were also able to take on additional work without hiring employees or purchasing additional equipment.

the result

Today, Woodbridge Township is doing more with less. They've reduced their sanitation employee count from 107 to 44 and their daily routes from 20 to 14. Their savings in sanitation is approximately $4 million per year. Their recycling has also increased from 8,000 tons to 12,000 tons per year.