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Renfrewshire's service re-routing for improved recycling project, driven by RouteSmart and the Council, was a crucial part of the successful sustainable waste management solution implemented by this local government council in Scotland.

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the challenge

Although the percentage of municipal waste recycled in Renfrewshire, Scotland has improved year on year, the Council recognized that significant changes to service delivery arrangements were required to meet Renfrewshire’s SOA (Single Outcome Agreement) commitments and challenging national Zero Waste Targets to recycle 40% of waste by 2010 and to achieve the increasing recycling and waste diversion targets in future years.

the solution

The Renfrewshire Council partnered with RouteSmart Technologies to plan the service re-routing for improved recycling project aimed to support the introduction of co-mingled recycling and residual waste collection services to over 80,000 across Renfrewshire. The project included the development of a dynamic technology-based routing system that streamlined collection routes and minimized the environmental impact of the service by reducing mileage, fuel consumption and the service’s carbon footprint. At the same time, it was recognized that the optimum solution must minimize disruption to customers, link in with corporate IT systems and allow remodeling for future demographic and service changes.

the result

The service re-routing project has optimized collection routes, taking cognizance of local geography and service issues, delivered improved recycling rates of 37.43% in 2009/10 & 48.5% in quarter one of 2010/11, and achieved cost savings through reduction of collection vehicles, minimized fuel usage and collection mileage, and reduced the service’s carbon footprint. Building on this success, the routing software solution, RouteSmart, is being further developed to optimize routes for other services across the Council. Watch an overview video on this award-winning public works project >