About Routesmart

Netherlands-based GeoCo is utilizing RouteSmart to provide optimized gritting and waste/recycling routes for municipalities.

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the challenge

RouteSmart's UK partner Integrated Skills has expanded their reach to the Netherlands by partnering with GeoCo, a logistics and route planning consultancy. The Dutch waste collection sector turned to GeoCo to find ways to increase recycling rates and improve operational efficiency.

the solution

GeoCo showed the Dutch waste collection sector how RouteSmart, a high density routing solution for waste and winter maintenance clients, enables them to manipulate individual property data, such as container type and number, as well as street parameters in order to work more efficiently. The RouteSmart platform also empowers them to think visually by providing a geospatial view of their problems.

the result

GeoCo's results with RouteSmart have been well received. The Dutch waste sector now considers RouteSmart to be the number one choice for route optimization. The RouteSmart advantage is starting to catch on in Europe as Integrated Skills's partner base is expanding into Poland, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and beyond.