About Routesmart

By integrating RouteSmart with other specialized software, Colorado Springs Utilities increased efficiency in their water hydrant maintenance prevention program by 100% and streamlined foot routes, saving about $160,000.

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the challenge

Colorado Springs Utilities has a hydrant preventative maintenance (PM) program that regularly tests 17,000 hydrants to ensure they are working. In the event of an emergency, fire fighters must be confident hydrants will work. The hydrant PM program was suspended during the drought years (2002-2006), and was reinstated in 2006 after a fire emergency occurred. This gave the utility a chance to prioritize the hydrants as critical and noncritical and rethink the routing of the PM program. They realized there had to be a better way than routing by hand.

the solution

The Colorado Springs Utilities team used RouteSmart to generate PDF routes for the PM crews. They loved it because they could just pick a route and go. There was no planning on their part. They trusted what the system provided to them. They then used the software to check for annual leaks in gas service lines to houses, and were able to make their gas lines safer.

the result

Colorado Springs Utilities saved $160,000 and dramatically increased their productivity and efficiency. They see RouteSmart as a great tool for improving efficiency by increasing route size and decreasing the number of routes for their preventative maintenance programs. They plan on rolling it out to other programs such as their steel pipe inspection routes.