About Routesmart

The City of Lakeland, FL transformed its solid waste fleet from rear loading vehicles to automated side loaders with EZCans, and used RouteSmart to revamp their routes and gain efficiencies.

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the challenge

The City of Lakeland had been managing much of their routing in antiquated ways. With 65 employees and 41 trucks working five days a week to provide solid waste services to over 42,000 households in the city, twice a week, the Solid Waste Division’s use of Excel spreadsheets to track and manage hundreds of weekly routes was just not up to the task.

the solution

The City of Lakeland implemented RouteSmart and received very detailed training on the system. By the time the training was done they were able to create real routes and say ‘What do you think?,’ and ‘What does this look like?’ Once trained, they tested the routes with the drivers and received solid, valuable feedback that helped them tweak and refine the routes. With this success under their belt, they went on to perform another reroute two years later in order to automate their vehicles and use EZCans. Their drivers embraced the routes developed using RouteSmart even more quickly than they had with the first rerouting project.

the result

The City of Lakeland has achieved a significant return on their RouteSmart investment. Their routing processes have been simplified. Their routes are more efficient and safe. They are now using RouteSmart to help them achieve their accreditation through the American Public Works Association, a prestigious recognition that considers their use of best practices throughout the division.