Download this valuable resource, Route Optimization Implementation Guide for the Public Works Industry: Best Practices for Effective Deployment and Long-Term Value.

Learn how to successfully manage the factors that go into implementing a new route optimization solution, including checklists, questions to ask, and points of consideration before you jump in. The eBook gives you best practices and the insight to navigate the challenges of successful implementation.

For example:

  • Prior to implementation, it is important to understand all of the support options that your vendor will be providing.
  • Plan to schedule multiple workshop sessions to accommodate your team’s schedules.
  • Understand that optimization isn’t a one-time event. The most successful route optimization initiatives are the ones that continue to evolve over time.
  • No two public works departments are alike, and you can’t expect success with a cookie-cutter routing solution.

You’ll gain better insight, and peace of mind for your public works implementation.

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