RouteSmart for Public Works

Residential & Commercial Collection

Route Optimization For High-Density Residential Workload Balancing And Lower Density Commercial Service Routing

In the demanding area of recycling and waste collection route planning, no other vehicle routing software solution comes close to matching the power and flexibility as those offered by RouteSmart Technologies. With over 200 municipal and private haulers around the globe using vehicle routing software from RouteSmart Technologies, the proven, continuously enhanced RouteSmart for ArcGIS sets the standard for solving both high density residential and lower density commercial service vehicle routing.

And with RouteSmart for ArcGIS, the power to do all this is available to you in one standardized software system. Unlike other vehicle route planning software that can only manage one category of waste or recycling collection, RouteSmart for ArcGIS offers powerful optimization capabilities for both residential and commercial service routing all in one seamless environment. Whether it is balancing residential service collection days for your fleet of rear-loaders or optimizing multiple days of service for your commercial service customers, route optimization from RouteSmart Technologies puts you in control of managing your collection costs and positioning your organization to keep up with the demands of the most challenging waste and recycling route planning requirements.

Vehicle route planning software from RouteSmart Technologies creates balanced routes that enable you to maximize stops, lifts, or yards per hour for your collection operation.