RouteSmart for public works

Balance Workloads and Consolidate Routes with Advanced Vehicle Routing

Whether you are a municipal public works department responsible for street sweeping and residential waste collection, or a private hauler with a mixed fleet of front, side, and rear loaders, each mile you drive is cutting into your budget and balance sheet. With fuel and labor costs continuing to rise and new environmental requirements being mandated, it is imperative that your fleet of vehicles is operating in the most efficient manner on a daily basis. Effective vehicle routing is key to success.

For the past 25 years, RouteSmart Technologies has worked with the largest municipal and private hauling companies responsible for waste collection and other public works operating divisions. Our flagship tool – RouteSmart for ArcGIS – is used around to the globe and provides a comprehensive suite of vehicle routing tools for balancing service days for both residential and commercial service route operations.

RouteSmart for ArcGIS is also extensively used for inspection routing, snow/winter operations management, and numerous other vehicle and personnel routing tasks within the demanding public works industry.

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